What we do 

  • We bring older age related needs and factors as primary considerations into the process of development and design of products, services, architecture and mature lifestyle management

  • We are problem finders - in the R&D and design space, the problem-finders are as important as the people who solve them. When problems are not defined and described properly it is impossible to reach an innovative and creative solution

  • We promote the design and branding of universal non-stigmatizing products for older adults that allow them to age in place (at home) and enjoy safety and comfort in the home – kitchen, living-room, bathroom, restroom and bedroom

  • We help managers see how developing, designing and marketing new products and services for older adults or retrofitting existing ones is not just about “being nice” but about adopting a new state of mind and social integrity

  • ​We show how developing and designing products and services for older adults can help the bottom line through better sales, more customer loyalty, and a unique reputation

  • Our ability to identify and locate the real underlying problems of the aging population and the aging market, puts the companies we serve in a unique position to bring real innovation to the real problems

  • We do third-age related expert analysis, research and strategic consulting. We provide expert evaluation of third age related aspects, analysis of mature users functionality and of 3rd age related factors and needs

  • We evaluate cognitive, motor, sensory, mental and emotional limitations and needs related to their influence on the design of products, services, architecture, packaging and communication design

  • We study personas, user experience (UX) and usability relevant our customers project. We mentor on how to ensure a totally positive and successful user experience