Our team


Prof. Ron Nabarro

Industrial designer, strategist, entrepreneur, educator, and researcher. Is recognised as a thought leader in integrating Design thinking and innovation into business, and in the fields of Corporate innovation, Age-friendly design, Design leadership, Design management. He has played a leading role in the emergence of age-friendly design and age-friendly design education.

He is the recipient of the World Technology Network Award 2009 in the field of design for his long-term contributions in the field of age-friendly design.


A practicing designer since 1970 and to date, he has designed more than 750 products in a wide range of industries.


Currently, Prof. Nabarro teaches design management, design thinking and age-friendly design at DeTao master academy, Shanghai, and is a guest professor at Foshan university and Huaqiao university


2018 - Executive board member of ISDT, the International society of desin thinking


1999 - 2003  Executive board member of ICSID, the International Council of Societies of Industrial Design 1999


1992 - 2009 Professor of Industrial design at the Technion, Israel Institute of Technology where he founded and was the head of the graduate program in advanced industrial design studies.


Prof. Nabarro is the recipient of 24 national and international design awards his design work has been exhibited in design exhibitions around the world. He is a member of judging panels for a range of prestigious design competitions, including WTN, Red Dot, Red Dot Concept, India financial times design award, the over-60 design award Singapore, and good design in China.


He is a frequent keynote speaker at conferences and has presented at TEDx events. He appeared in many print publications over the years and has lectured and led design workshops in over 20 countries and consulted to a wide variety of organizations.


Prof. Nabarro is the Co-founder and partner of 3 start-up companies: Scentcom ltd., Cellomat ltd., and Medimprove Ltd. Co-founder and president of AgeCulture and founder and CEO of ageinnovation China.

Rina Naor

Rina Naor is a Gerontologist (The science of aging) entrepreneur focused on the Gerontechnology* aspect of aging, Co-founder of ageCulture with Prof. Ron Nabarro, ageCulture is an age friendly innovation lab that builds strategies for integrating seamless aging experiences into everyday life.

Rina has a B.A in computer science and an M.A in Gerontology from the University of Haifa. Her thesis focused on the willingness of entrepreneurs to explore the aging market as a potential market for their endeavor, yielded evidence that lack of knowledge is the primary driver for the neglection of the aging market by entrepreneurs. Rina is a pioneer in developing a unique method to embed gerontology elements into the marketing, product strategy, design, and development process of companies that are looking to penetrate the aging market.

She Started her carrier focused on technology, working in Comverse then building a startup in the telecommunication domain. In 2011 Rina joined the frog design pond, Leading the Israeli activities. Rina had transformed from a tech-driven solution expert to a human-centric fanatic and embedded this philosophy in ageCulture methods of how to build age friendly solution strategies.


* Gerontechnology - matching technological environments to healthhousing, mobility, communicationleisure and work of older adults

Hanna Gutwilen

Hanna Gutwilen is an impassioned Brazilian designer and entrepreneur. In Brazil, she has worked across the design space with the main focus on design thinking, strategic design, and social innovation, with experience developing projects for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd sectors. Since she made Aliya, she has immersed in the age-friendly design field. Hanna’s strengths lie in human-centric methods for project development and branding strategies. As well, Hanna is competent in visual communication, video editing, and both digital and handmade illustration.